Kicksandsnares - Professional Hip Hop Drum Sounds


Jim Bond is a music producer hailing from Yonkers New York & has been the new owner of since 2012.

When he isn't working on sound design & drums, Jim has been known to be a decent Hip Hop producer himself.  Early on in his career, Jim earned a reputation for having a serious grind within the music industry.  A combination of out of the box thinking, pure will and good music eventually got his foot in the industry door.  Over the years he has managed to work with a range of artists such as Jim Jones, Joel Ortiz, Ghostface Killah, Lloyd Banks, Royce Da 5'9", M.O.P., Rass Kass and many more.  

Coming up through the ranks as a producer/member of Dynamic Producer, Jim eventually became Executive Director of Dynamic Producer in 2008. During his tenure at Dynamic Producer, Jim organized & oversaw major music industry events arranging and booking hundreds of industry professionals, building an extensive network along the way.  He also learned the value of helping other producers.  Jim has also had a personal hand in placing other producer's tracks with 50 Cent (2 songs) and Joel Ortiz (4 songs). 

Besides running Kicksandsnares, Jim has created & maintains the popular sites &  

No, Jim does not actually rap.