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Kicksandsnares drum kits are not only created and finely tuned by real Hip Hop producers with real resumes, but they are also quality controlled by real Hip Hop producers with real resumes

This is important for a few reasons...

Many people think that having a multimillion dollar studio or having access to the best gear money can buy is the most important aspect to creating great drum samples... THEY ARE WRONG. 

Of course, using the best equipment possible is important... 

But the things which separates random goons with expensive gear and successful music people, are good ears & talent. 

There is no mixing board, compressor, or tape machine that can fix the fact that someone can't tell the difference between what sounds good and what doesn't. 

Kicksandsnares knows what sounds good.

That's where our sounds start. Then we bring in the right gear, know how and a lot of creativity. 

Then we offer those sounds to you. 

Thanks for visiting.

If you aren't sure where to start we recommend either checking out our drum sound demos, produced by RJD2, Black Milk, !llmind, Jake One, Frank Dukes, Djay Cas & new site owner Jim Bond.

Or start by sampling some of our free drum sounds!  We have sample sounds from our current line up of kits, including Foundation Drums, Southern Comfort Drums, Monster Drums & A Million Ways To Break!