Kicksandsnares - Professional Hip Hop Drum Sounds

Wondering what other people are saying about our drums? 

From Grammy award winning producers & engineers, to customers who are in their first week of making music, the consensus is in...

Kicksandsnares drums are the real deal!

-DJ Frank E

(Producer for Flo Rida, Kanye West, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Brown, Madonna, Justin Bieber, etc)

"I've been using Kicks and Snares since day 1.  I think that says it all right there.  K&S is consistent and creative - an integral part of my sample library.  If these aren't in your arsenal, you're really missing out."

-MdL Productions-

(Producer for Chris Brown, CeeLoGreen, Justin Beiber, Maroon5, B.O.B., etc.)

"Hands down, has the best drum libraries on the net....  I have purchased almost every single one of your kits and and use these drum samples in almost of all of my production. You wanna get your drum game up, you cop some kits from, simple as that!"



(Producer for Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Pusha-T, Raekwon, etc.)

"Drums are Crazzzyy bro!!"  

 -"Bassy" Bob Brockman-

(Grammy Winning Mixer/Producer for Christina Aguilera, Notorious BIG, JayZ, Mos Def, etc.)

"90% of a great Hip Hop record comes down to the kick and snare. If they aren't amazing, the record won't be. Jim Bond has the hot sounds, and is a great resource for Producers that want to make hits.

-Tez Banga -

(Producer for Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Boosie, Webbie, etc.)

" made me the best producer in St. Louis..."

-Ryan West-

(Mix Engineer/Producer for Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, T.I., Rihanna, Diddy, etc)

"As a mix engineer who is always looking to help my clients get the best sound possible, I'm excited to have access to a resource like Jim Bond has created something more than just a sound library. It's a destination for beat makers and sound designers who need to compete at the highest level. The bar has been raised."

-Hilton "Deuce" Wright II of WrighTrax Productions-

(Producer for Big Sean, Mike Posner, Rick Ross, Pusha T, Drake, etc)

" has some of the best high quality drum sounds around! I use them in tons of my tracks and they provide instant inspiration!"


(Producer for Fabolous, Jay-Z, Method Man, Joe Budden, etc)

"I checked out the drums and they sound great! Top quality, clean samples that I can use immediately in my productions. My favorite part about the samples is they maintain a grittiness and can give a track instant credibility whether I'm working in the hip hop world or on an up tempo dance track! A lot of sample sites these days have pop samples and dance drums that are good but they don't have that edge all the time that I'm looking for. These do."

-Warren G-

(West Coast Legend)

"Great site for top producers and up and coming producers alike.
This is definitely the shit to complete your production with"

-B.Money, Bare Knuckles Music -

(Producer for Jay-Z, 50 Cent, etc.)

"I used KicksandSnares drum samples for both my first two Major placements for 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Initially the drum samples are great for outboard usage but if you are using computer based production tools the drum samples provided in these kits are more than adequate to give your tracks a distinctive difference. Now I'm using pretty much every kit to craft my music with and I'm flat out swearing by the quality of the drum samples I get from this site."


(Producer for Joell Ortiz, Ras Kass, Mike Chan, Vlade Divac, etc.)

"I have the Monster Drums, Foundation Kits, and the Southern Comfort Kits and I am I am pretty much set for drums with these alone. I haven't made a single beat in the last couple months that didn't involve at least a couple of these drums since I've had them. The Monster kits are great for clean, big hip-hop drums, the Foundation kits are exactly what they are named, the provide a great foundation for Hip Hop and the Southern Comfort give me all the hard hitting 808 sounds that I need. Jim Bond is clutch."


(Producer for J Cole, Jadakiss, Styles P, Common, Nas, Jim Jones, etc.) 


"SHEESH yo these drums are fiiiiiiire I'll definitely be using them in the next beat I make! The 808s are crazy, kicks are mad punchy and snares are sharp as s#it!"

-Djay Cas-

(Producer for Young Jeezy, Nipsey Hussle, Vado, Scarface, Gucci Mane, etc.)

"When I heard that Jim Bond from is now running I had to check it out. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to drums and I knew he'd have just what I needed. Kicks, snares, hihats. He's got you covered. This isn't your beginner drum library with thin sounds you've heard all over the net either! This is real professional, high grade material! I wouldn't recommend working with anything less."

-Happy Perez-

(Producer for Miguel, Frank Ocean, Ludacris, Camillionaire, Trick Daddy, etc.)

"Yall got the hardest drum samples i found online so far."

-Chris "Mayday" Rucks-

"These drums sound amazing. The demos really show you what kind of heat you can craft with them. Stop playing games, stop recycling the same sounds, stay on the cutting edge and get yourself some sounds from Take your production to the next level.

-Stupid Genius-

(Producer for MTV, VH1, ESPN, BET, A&E, TLC, History Channel, etc.)

"Whenever I need drums that feel like they break concrete, I dig in my Jim Bond stash. Now that he is the brains and ears behind, there is a legitimate source out there for producers to get drum sounds that are formed for maximum impact. No weak drums here, only those that serve justice to the Boom Bap!"

-Jim Bond-

(Producer for Joel Ortiz, Jim Jones, Lloyd Banks, Ghostface Killah, RoyceDa 5'9", etc.)

"As owner and creative director of, it would be totally inappropriate for me to give a testimonial for my own sounds, as I am completely biased!!!!!!!!!




"i am the winner i of the scion king of the beats.. And i am happy to let you know that i used drum samples from your site in all my beats that i played at the battle in new york..."

"To be for real, i tried all kits and i like these the most. Da Beathoven played them and i was floored. i like the crisp drum samples. i hate they have too much old-school but takes me to a new place in hiphop... You guys have the best kits i ever heard. peace. "

"OOOhhhhhh Yes. Thanks for the site! Oh its going down! I'm bout to get my game up!!! "


"Thank you for them bangin' ass drum samples and great customer service... Real talk. I am very picky about the drum samples that I use, and other sites like and provide kits that sound like presests on a Triton. That wouldn't get me anywhere in the industry! After purchasing some kits from K&S, I have gotten A LOT of placements on upcoming albums and mixtapes alike. Nuff said. Y'all have a customer for life, fo sho... "



-BC Beatz-

"I used a Kicks and Snares pack and made a nice sound! The same day, I had 4 people offering $$!!! Kicks and puttin my sound on BLAP, yadidamsayin??! "

-DJ Brownn-

"keep up the good job guys i love the quality of these stuff. better den stupid xxx xxx xxxxx..."

-Bos Beats-

"When will you have another couple sets coming out!? I can't wait much longer! It's like drugs, though I have not done them--but even better! I am addicted to your Kicks, Snares, Extras. Hits will be made with these samples! Your stuff is the SHIT and is worth way more than you charge! So when people say $12 is a lot, well, $5 for 500 crappy samples, is a real waste! (On other Sites,) You may find 1 or 2 samples out of 500 and will take an hour finding them--that sucks! ...Who wants B rate drum samples, when for only $12 they could have the bomb, right here?? Peace "

-Big Sho Ent.-

"Yall are without a doubt, THE TRUTH! The best Kicks and Snares out there. #1!"


"Killa quality drum samples...PERIOD. Ya'll got the Kicks, Snares & Claps game sewn up. Actually, i think your sours are a MUST HAVE for any Rap/Urban/R&B Producer to compete in this game. Thanks for the access, man! "


"You guys have the sickest drum samples PERIOD... When i heard the new additions for March, I literally almost had a heart attack! I know u guys are known 4 Kicks and Snares... YO, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FELLAS "

-Trez aka T-NYCE-

"...dem beatz wuz off the chain, dem beatz is bananna's; I almost wet my pants, kicks and snares is the sickest thing i ever heard. Peace Yo...... "


"Man, I just bought some XXXXXXX drum samples and I must say im disappointed. They claimed the kit I bought was all run through an SSL board, the kit is WACK.. Not even in stereo, everything mono.. Im tellin you, yall got the best sounding stuff on the net! "

-Nathaniel Oglesby-

"the site and quality of the kits are the most superior of any i have heard or used. you have found a lifetime customer with me "


"Purchasing KicksandSnares kits is like collecting baseball cards when you're a little kid. You just get addicted to buying them. You know who serves up the best customer service & dope drum samples! "

-MM Bos-

"I love your Kicks and Snares so much, I think I purchased IndustrySnares 2, TWICE. You know I will be back, again and again. Can't wait to see what you got next month! Holla Back "

-Bad Mind-

"just want to tell you, your drum samples bang! if you cant make a hit with these then you just not doing things right! "

-Nate K.-

"you know, although we had a couple of complications (my fault) you really pulled through with the customer service. All for only $4 of profit!! i wanna say thank you, and i am currently picking out a couple more kits, and plan to keep coming back until i have collected all of your kits. Thank you "


"you serve up the dopest drum kits ever! that aint no lie!!! "

-Alter Ego(of The Invisible Men)-

"I have to say that you have THE BEST customer service I've ever come across with an online dealer. I remember during the Christmas season, I was having a problem DL'ing some of the drum samples and you talked me through it, over the phone. So, I'm good with that! Thanks again! "

-WingMen Productions-

"Definitely the only place I buy my kits from, always top shelf. "

-Chizeled Beats-

"I played around with the New Big Kicks3 and Combo Snares3 kits, Quality was flawless, keep grindin!! "



-Urban Hill Records-

"think ur site is straight to the point and basic, and that i like...No need to search through hundreds of pages for drum kits... We're producers, no time for all of that. Just get kits and make beats!!! Love this site - Keep up the good work...Best Drum Kits site on the web HANDS DOWN! "


"Quite're a GOD-SEND. There are soooo many wack sites with wack drum samples out there. You're definitely head & shoulders above the rest. I just bought my microKONTROL last night so y'all are gonna have my FIRST tracks sounding like I've been doing for a c-c-c-c-cool decade. BLESS-U-ALL!!! "




"The site is easy to navigate through. The drum samples are crisp, thick & heavy where need be... not that gritty, syntesized sound. Great work all around!! "


"I really like how operates. They make young (producers) like me believe that we have a chance. "

-Damien B.-

"I'm feeling the drum samples man! Better than them other sites charging $30 and most of the drum samples be duds. I need to be on that mailing list... "


"Very excellent Snares. It really helped me... Overall, you're the best!!! "


"I Think These Kits Are Great. The beats being played on the demos are straight fire! Good Job! "


"I'm a producer and I have searched throughout the Internet and I haven't come across any website that guarantees quality product like Two days ago, I found K&S and I was HAPPY, really HAPPY. Every product they have promoted was worth every penny. Now that I have their samples I can be a different producer as a purpose to copy-cat from other super-producers like Dr.Dre, Just Blaze, etc. I can finally say I have a signature sound and I'm ready for the big boys., keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! P.S. Now I have my #1 supplier "


"think this is the best website I've been to for Drum Samples and that's Real! I have really upgraded my drum samples! "