Kicksandsnares - Professional Hip Hop Drum Sounds

Reason drum kits & samples

Are you tired of the stock Reason drum kits & samples?

The fact is that most of the stock Reason drums are not nearly up to par with professional quality drum sounds.

All of our drum kits at Kicksandsnares work directly in Reason.  So now you can integrate top flight professional grade drums right into your Reason sessions. 

Just pull up your Redrum, NNXT, or NN-19 samplers and you can load up our drum kits right away. 

Our kits come in the flexible .WAV format so you can load up all of our sounds into Reason or any other DAW you may end up working on.

If you'd like to get a taste of our sounds, check out our drum sound demos (produced by !llmind, Black Milk, Jake One, RJD2, Frank Dukes & new site owner Jim Bond!)and don't forget to pick up some free drum sounds!