Kicksandsnares - Professional Hip Hop Drum Sounds

Logic Pro Drum Kits & Samples

Logic Pro is a great program & DAW. 

But even though it comes stocked with some great sounds (specifically it's synth sounds), it is lacking in one major department... DRUM SOUNDS! 

Luckily, if you want to integrate professional grade drum kits straight into your tracks, you are in the right spot.

All of the drum kits we sell at can be easily loaded into your Logic sessions through the Ultrabeat & the ESX24 sampler.

If you do not know how to load drum sounds (Or any other samples) into Logic, check out this page for a great tutorial explaining how to load drum sounds into Logic Pro.

If you do know already & just want to get some great professional quality drum sounds, then check out our kits below!

If you'd like to get a FREE sampling of our drum sounds, don't forget to check out our drum sound demos produced by guys like Black Milk, RJD2, Jake One, !llmind, Frank Dukes and the brand new owner of, Jim Bond! Also don't forget to pick up some free drum sounds!