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A Million Ways To Break Bundle

A Million Ways To Break is the ultimate in drum break compilations.  

We've taken our first three volumes and bundled them together, for the ultimate in dusty drum break goodness.

75 total drum breaks expertly sampled from vinyl & chopped for your sampling pleasure into 676 samples!

For more info on A Million Ways To Break, check out the video below!


The A Million Ways To Break series is the most useful and organized drum break compilation you can buy.

If you are sick of downloading massive amounts of drums in bulk, having to sift through weak breaks to find the gems, then A Million Ways To Break is here for you!

A Million Ways To Break Volume Two features...

  • 75 drum breaks, broken down into 676 separate samples.
  • All drum breaks are professionally chopped & looped down to the essential loops & fills.

  • Many breaks have special edits, giving you variations of the original break NOT found in the original recording.

  • Smartly organized breaks. The main folder contains short samples (starting "on the one"),  so you can easily preview first.  Individual folders for each break contain the chops, fills & variations.

  • We hand pick only the best, most interesting & useful breaks.  No filler breaks!  Filler breaks do not belong in this dojo!

  • All breaks recorded and processed with great high end gear.
  • We dig through the complete track and provide ALL of the open drums.  No incomplete breaks allowed! 
  • Original unedited breaks also included.
  • All sounds compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Fruityloops/FL Studio, Etc)
  • All sounds in stereo, 16bit/44.1k hz format.

    If you'd like to download five bonus breaks and some of the other great sounds from Kicksandsnares, click here!

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